Sunday, 14 September 2014

How to get a free car FINAL update! Challenge Achieved!!

Sometimes life has a strange way of firing coincidence after coincidence. Above pictured is the car I got FOR FREE and it is the EXACT Sisley 4x4 Fiat Panda I was searching for! Below is how this happened:

I left my work early on a friday recently, and went home, strangely for me the first thing I did when I got home was log into the Fiat Forum where I am a member (big shout out, its a great forum) and the top post was someone offering a Fiat Panda Sisley to anyone who would take it! All they wanted in return was a £50 donation to a Dogs Charity, I figured someone had already private messaged the seller but I messaged her anyway stating my interest in the car and could I phone her tonight to ask some questions. She replied very quickly with her telephone number and we talked on the phone, I asked all the usual questions one would ask when buying a classic car, miles condition etc and it all sounded good. The car had been sitting for 5 years and would need work, but I enjoy working on cars so if anything this was a bonus. I received some photos of the car and agreed to buy it there and then.

I then had to arrange transport. I used as the car was in London, undriveable and I am in Scotland. The price for transportation came in at £430 at first, but then companies started bidding AGAINST each other for my business! I eventually got the car transported for £142!!!! There was a bit of hassle as the company had multiple failed attempts due to their tranpsorter breaking down, but after a few weeks I got the call that they were picking it up and would be delivering it to me the next day, which they did.

Its an awesome car which needs a lot of work, but its the perfect car I was looking for, the seller was a lovely lady who just wants to see it back on the road, and the total cost including transportation and the charity donation (which I made before I got the car) came in at under the amount I had saved, I COULDNT BELIEVE MY LUCK.

So it just goes to show you, the method I have detailed DOES WORK as I had the money saved for this car, and the car itself was free as I got it off the forum.

Dream big folks, you too can have your dream car, here is mine arriving on my driveway:

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Free Car Savings update No 10

So I am back up to pre emptying the fund levels, it never seems to take me too long to get to this point, but progress slows after here. Anyways, the new total is:


A respectable amount, and there is a sisley selling on ebay today with a starting bid of £225 and noone has bid on it. Why? Because it honestly must be the rustiest panda never mind sisley I have ever seen. Not that thats a bad thing necessarily, but I am not looking for a project.

But progress is progress! Any comments? Inspiration? Tips? Let me know!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

free car savings update number 9

So as some of you could probably have predicted I emptied my savings fund entirely about 2 days after the last update. This was to fund another of my many projects, building my shed.

 But failure is a part of life, and how you react to failure defines you, so I am picking myself up, dusting myself down and getting straight back on the horse. I've also decided to stop counting funds until they are actually liquid, so the total is now as follows (I am hussling hard)

Total: £64.47

I am gutted as this week a PERFECT Sisley came up on everyone's favourite auction site, and it went to someone I know on fiat forum. Fair play to him I hold no grudges, it was my own fault for not having the funds to hand. But the next time a perfect example (for my tastes) comes up I won't be stopped.

So are any of you taking the challenge with me? How are you doing? Comments below folks!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Free car savings update no 8

Beginning to seriously lose motivation here, unexpected costs have made me think even more about using the 4 x 4 savings money to get on with other projects in the short term. Hmm, time for some motivational numbers methinks!

Nectar Points-£11.82
Paid Survey Sites-£57.95
Coin Jar-£82.09
Side Hustle Savings-£62.06

Liquid Total-£158.36

Liquid Total jump of £1 not great, and £4 in Total. Hmm, this isnt making me feel much better unfortunetly!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Free car savings update no 7


Cue the rocky theme music, today for the first time since I started I hit a mental road block "Hey, why bother? This is too hard!" WRONG I can do this, so I promptly went onto the fiat forum to read more about Sisleys, there is a brilliant example of one selling right now, I want it so badly but the timing isnt right. GOT.TO.STAY.MOTIVATED my views on youtube have finally started to climb again, so thinking up some more ideas more videos. In the meantime here is this weeks tale of the tape:

Nectar Points-£10.83
Paid Survey sites-£54.95
Coin Jar-£82.07
Side Hustle Savings-£62.06

Liquid Total-£157.35

So a jump in liquid total (which I find myself being more and more interested in) of about a fiver. No great shakes there then, but its good progress, so I am gonna keep making it.

Keep Hustlin.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Free car savings update no 6

Lets get straight to it, whats the tale of the tape today??

Nectar Points-£10.23 <<<rocking the taking the free boxes and getting bonus points for using own bags!
Adsense-£3.90 <<<Finally moved up a little!!
Paid Survey Sites-£49.50
Coin Jar-£79.02
Side Hustle Savings-£62.06

Liquid Total-£152.76

So a decent little jump, starting to pick up some momentum now, and reached another £100 milestone :) Thats cause for celebration I reckon :)

See ya next time, but till then look at the underside of the panda and celebrate with me as I have my second MOT in a row with no advisories! :)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Free Car Savings update No 5

Just look at this bad boy! 1 whole litre of 4 x 4 power. As I have talked about before on this financial blog (which is fast becoming the FREE CAR savings blog!!!) you have to stay motivated when trying to reach a goal. One technique for me is to look at photos and imagine the goal (whatever it may be, not just for free vehicles) so I am currently using the above picture for inspiration. Anyways I digress, lets get some numbers jumping!!

Nectar points-£9.65
Adsense-£2.59 <<<<Will this ever move????
Paid Survey sites-£40.65
Coin Jar-£78.28 <<<Most of this will be moving to the side hustles column, Its just "resting" there right now!
Side Hustle Savings-£62.02

Liquid Total-£151.40

DAMN SON! A cold hard update of £83.07!!! Once again though its not all sunshine, the liquidity of some of these categories is slightly annoying me. Quidco has reached the payout threshold (anything over £1) but Adsense threshold is £60, so a long way to go with that (my youtube views have dropped dramatically and none of my attempts to kick start them again have worked so far) and my Paid survey sites will pay out roughly about £120 as these are actually 3 combined sites which have payout thresholds of £40 each, and they all seem to be moving along at roughly the same rate. So actually liquid total is not as good, only £151.40, which is still pretty good (my side hustles are moving along tidily) at the end of the day. The timescale I am doing this in is probably a minimum of a year, so plenty of time for those categories to become liquid. And a year is not long to wait for a free car really!

So a mixed bag of results, but most definatly on the up and up :) Stay tuned!